Shade Landscapes is the premier choice for custom pond and water feature design, construction and maintenance in Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and neighbouring counties.

We use the products of a company in the United States, Aquascape, who have revolutionised water gardens, creating water features that are in balance with nature. Aquascape products provide customers with a natural, environmentally friendly approach to designing and constructing water features. 

With our extensive experience in landscaping and water feature installation we can transform your garden into an oasis of calm with an Aquascape pond, waterfall, fountain, or other ornamental water feature. Your every aquatic need will be met with a bespoke water garden unique to you.

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Pondless Waterfalls

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A pondless waterfall can be a small eye-catcher in the corner of a courtyard or a large feature with a stream in the centre of your outdoor space. Either way it has the benefits of safety, easy maintenance, and lower cost, whilst looking spectacular.

Pondless waterfalls are a great way to have the tranquil sounds of water in your garden without the worry of children or pets falling into the pond. They really are a hassle free option for water garden lovers who desire the peace and oasis of water in their outdoor space.

How a pondless waterfall works

The water feature recirculates the water without the need for a pond, and therefore without the need for maintenance of a body of water. During the summer months you may need to top up the basin with water, but that’s it! 

Pondless waterfalls work by pumping (4) water contained in a large, in-ground reservoir (3) up and through the Waterfall Spillway (1), allowing the water to flow back down into the reservoir. This simple recirculation system requires very little maintenance, is easy to install, and ideal for families with young children or pets that love to play in water.

Rocks and gravel (2) hide the not so attractive pond liner (6) and frame your waterfall so that it makes an eye-catching statement in your garden.

Pondless waterfall how it works

Ecosystem Ponds

Aquascape Waterfeature

Water is an essential component of every garden, not only does it provide a stunning focal point, it also brings tranquillity and movement to your outdoors. Hearing the trickle of water and observing the stillness of a pond are pleasures that everyone should enjoy in life. A water feature will establish your garden among the elites providing a backdrop to your living space that everyone will be talking about.

Ecosystem ponds work with nature, not against it, providing a haven for wildlife, from birds and fish to amphibians and plants, all comfortably finding their place within your outdoor area. 

Given the importance of wildlife conservation, an ecosystem pond is a great way to create a balanced ecological community in your garden, with few components and low maintenance, whilst doing your bit to help our planet.

An ecosystem pond’s benefit to nature is an added bonus to what will make a striking feature to your garden, leaving your visitors impressed by your breathtaking centrepiece!

How an ecosystem pond works

The ecosystem pond has a two stage filtration system: mechanical and biological. A pond skimmer (1) is the mechanical filter, it pre-filters all the water and debris, including leaves, into one simple place to be removed with ease. The water is then passed through into the biological filter (2) that harbours billions of microscopic beneficial bacteria which colonise over time, consuming and breaking down excess nutrients.

The recirculation system (3 & 4) ensures the water flow is correct for the water feature, this will help maintain oxygen levels, provide tranquil sounds of water, and optimise the water quality, lessening maintenance.

Rocks and gravel (5) protect the pond liner (6) from the sun, as well as bringing beauty to your pond. They also provide an extra area for the beneficial bacteria to thrive, helping with excess nutrient removal and ensuring your pond water is gin clear.

Aquatic plants (7) provide texture and colour to your pond, as well as natural filtration reducing the chemicals responsible for algae bloom. Through minimising maintenance and improving water quality aquatic plants bring equilibrium to your pond.

Fish (7) are an integral part of the pond ecosystem, grazing on the excess algae on rocks and gravel which reduces overall maintenance.

ecosystem pond how it works