Macclesfield Stone Pond, Waterfall and Planting Scheme

A beautiful Aquascape pond and stream surrounded by Macclesfield stone boulders and well thought out planting for wildlife, bringing this garden to life with the sound of water. We also designed and constructed a covered lean-to pergola seating area with the perfect view of the installation and the surrounding planting.

Ben and Joe began digging and prepping for our pond back in February.  On the first day it began to snow, but that didn't deter them! Their dedication amazed us. They were cheerful and hard working. Then came the 'lockdown'. At first they couldn't continue, but eventually, when it was safer and legal to do so, they finished a brilliant job. They were extremely careful and social distancing was a priority.
We now have  an incredible water feature, with a waterfall,  and stunning rocks bordering the whole thing. It is much bigger and better than we could have ever imagined. They not only have a great  work ethic but are artistic and creative.
It was a joy to have them around and made our days of isolation fun as we watched through the window. We now have another plan for our garden and won't hesitate to call on Ben and Joe again!
Sandy, Staffordshire, May 2020.