Phone Call

Following your enquiry and some photographs, let’s have a chat about your aspirations and we can offer a package that would suit you.

It would help us to ascertain at this stage how much you would like to spend for example £25,000; £40,000.


Site Consultation and Survey

Next will be an initial in-depth consultation on site, followed by a full site survey and taking lots of photos.  If you don’t mind, it always helps to be able to take a couple of photos from inside too.

Here are some questions to prepare you for the consultation:

  • What activities will take place in the garden i.e. cooking, entertaining, children playing?
  • Would you like a water feature in the garden?
  • Do you spend most time in the garden during the morning, daytime or evening?
  • Is there a particular area of concern in your garden?

Concept Design

Following this, a concept design will be drawn up – what could go where in your outdoor space. This can be discussed during a second site visit or over the phone and alterations made as required.

Final Design

The final design will then be drawn up, to scale, and presented to you, detailing material types for the different areas of the garden. A planting scheme can be included if required.