Having the sound and sight of water in your own garden is one of the most rewarding and relaxing things you will ever experience. However, for some, the luxurious treat can turn into a troublesome burden if not maintained properly. Fear no more! We can offer repairs  and one-off cleans as well as ongoing maintenance services tailored to your needs (size, location, fish load). We are passionate about inspiring people to have water in their gardens and want to offer you our expert knowledge on how to achieve pristine clear water, all year round. To chose the right option for you, see our cleaning, repair and maintenance services below.

Joe from our Team standing in a pond with a net in his hand cleaning the water from debris. there is a waterfall coming into the pond behind him.

Full drain and clean

We recommend that ponds and water features are thoroughly cleaned at least once a year, usually in the spring as aquatic life is mostly dormant at this time. However, a clean can be performed other times too, especially if it’s been long overdue. This will not only make your pond look cleaner but also limits health problems for fish and other aquatic life.

Ben from out Team is fixing one of the granite boulders with a foam.

Comprehensive leak detection and repair

It can be very disappointing when our beloved pond or water feature develops a fault and it no longer functions as it is intended to do. If you keep fish it is even more urgent to put things right. We can investigate the issue and offer you our expert opinion on possible remedies.

Clean, repair and maintenance services 1

Total renovation

Unfortunately, sometimes, it is not worth fixing old liners and concrete ponds that are very likely going to give you another headache soon. As a result, we offer complete redesign and renovation of old ponds. Our eco-system ponds will guarantee you pristine water quality and will be crystal clear all year round.

Clean, repair and maintenance services 2

Ongoing maintenance

Whether you just had a nice new pond and would like to keep it that way or have had bad experiences upkeeping a pond in the past, we are here to help with our ongoing maintenance services. Having water in your garden should not mean any hassle, just pure enjoyment and beauty. Let us do the work!

Clean, repair and maintenance services 3

Water treatment options

To make sure your water feature or pond is healthy all year round, we offer water treatment options to keep beneficial bacteria at the right level to supress algae growth. We offer water treatment products direct to customers or with our maintenance services at discounted rate.


Step 1

Send us your information via our contact form to start your journey with us.

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To help us get an insight into your requirements, please start by sending in your information via our contact form. We will then contact you via email to request images or a video footage of the job site, ask you about the size and the type of your water feature and the problems you experienced.

Step 2

A telephone conversation to discuss your options.

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Once we’ve received your pictures, video and the information about the issue, we will give you a call to discuss your options.

We may also come and see you as part of an on-site consultation. 


Step 3

We come and fix the problem!

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Following the consultation, if you would like to go ahead with the job, we look for a suitable date to come and fix your pond or water feature issue. Please be aware that dates can be variable due to weather conditions etc. We will keep in contact with you throughout to update you on any changes.

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